It's not just physical and psychological health that can be compromised by watching pornography. 

Watching porn undermines the human spirit and can open you up to spiritual oppression or worse. Please watch these YouTube videos which I hope will really get you thinking deeply about the insidious, destructive nature of porn and its underpinnings. 

The impossible events that convinced this sceptical psychiatrist of the reality of demons
Guest speaker: Dr Richard Gallaher MD, Clinical Psychiatrist


A bone-chilling interview with an Exorcist (Fr. Vincent Lambert)


You may still think that there is just this one physical reality without any spiritual dimension and so malevolent forces can't be drawn to you. I was curious about provable evidence of another dimension of reality and I had that curiosity answered. 

I referenced links to two websites that discussed the known manifestations of malevolent forces and one way to open a gateway to such forces is by watching pornography, which is inherently evil.  Now you may be skeptical and dismiss such claims out of hand on the basis of a belief that there is only one reality and that’s the physical one you can see and touch and we're in comprised only of physical stuff (down to atoms etc). Well let me tell you why I’m absolutely convinced that that isn’t the case.

Quite a few years ago my father had died and his death had affected me insofar as I questioned existence, the reason for life and so on. I became religious but I was still questioning. Eventually I asked myself – out of curiosity, I wondered what evidence was there of another, non-physical reality other than biblical accounts. So I sought out a spiritualist and I made an appointment over the phone to visit her - I live in an outer suburb of a very large capital city and she lived about forty miles from me in the country. All I told her on the phone was my first name and that I was seeking evidence of a reality beyond the physical and we agreed to meet at her home. I asked if there was a fee and she said absolutely not.

Now I had told her absolutely nothing about myself or my background other than my first name so to her, I might well have been a blank piece of paper. When I arrived before she had said anything, I had asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I wrote down whatever she said. She spoke about what she would do but didn’t ask a single question, not one but just closed her eyes and within two minutes of me arriving and sitting down with her she told me that “your father was in spirit” that “he was 69 – 70 when he died”, that “he had died from a chronic debilitating chest complaint” and that “you are the middle son of three”.  Was she right? Absolutely, 100%, right down to the description of the cause of his death. My jaw just hit the floor!

  • My dad had died years before.
  • He had celebrated his 70th birthday late in the October and died just six weeks later.
  • He died from emphysema also known as COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is a chest complaint of the lungs.
  • I have two other brothers; one 4 years older the other 10 years younger – I am the middle brother

Now if you are someone who maintains there is only one reality and it’s physical, you have to tell me how did this woman, who I’d never met in my life, come by that specific, personal information without knowing a thing about me but my first name?  How did she access information totally unknown to her before we met, coming out with the facts one after the other with no hesitation or stumbling, and where was that information located? I have a theory about that. 

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